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Soapy Erotic Massage

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Soapy Erotic Massage

Soapy Amsterdam Erotic Massage

Have fun with our Soapy Amsterdam Erotic Massage. What could be more exciting than the slippery bubbly fun that comes with a soap bar, some water, and a sexy erotic masseuse? It will be the best cleaning experience you will ever have.

We all know just how slippery soap can be. So imagine that it is the only thing between you and your soapy masseuse: erotic, sexy and a super turn on, all in the privacy of your hotel or residence. You have probably never looked forward to being this dirty before, but trust us when you are done, the only dirt will be your naughty thoughts and memories.

Enjoy the bubbles, the slick feel of her touch, her body will glide over yours, friction-free until the happy ending you are waiting for.

Soapy Sensations

A soapy massage is a new dimension in sensations. The soapy bubbles make the touch of your sensual masseuse smooth and friction-free. Her hands will glide over your body, slick and smooth, making you relax as the only thing you can concentrate on her touch.

Warm and slick every touch will arouse you more. Making you ache for her to take you in her hands and give you the happy ending you long for. The soapy massage can incorporate several techniques, and this includes the body2body rub where your masseuse will massage your whole body with hers — a Tantric massage to energize your soul or, the happiest ending a full penetration sexual encounter.

In addition, you can choose multiple soapy massage girls to get you full of bubbles. Twice the bubbles, twice the fun. Select your bubble makers from our gallery; we promise there are girls to fulfil each fantasy.

Fun With our Soapy Amsterdam Massages

Your massage girl loves to get down dirty almost as much as she enjoys cleaning up. Our soapy massage masseuses enjoy the fun of making bubbles as you did as a kid. Let your playful side out and enjoy a childhood pleasure, blended with adult fun.

Our soapy massage masseuses come in all shapes and sizes. Some have soft curvy bodies, which are soft and pliable to your touch. Others are pert, tight and sporty, firm in your grasp. No matter your taste or preference, our massage girl will provide.

Any skin tone you like, and hair colour that drives you wild, soft supply boobs or a tight ass, you will find it in our gallery. Make your soapy dreams come true with Amsterdam soapy massages in Amsterdam.

Combination Massages Blend the Best of Every Massage

There is no need to stop with just the slick sensation of bubbles and soap. Make your soapy massage even more erotic by combining it with another erotic massage.

  • Soapy Body2Body massage – just as the name implies, your masseuse will soap you both up and rub her whole body of yours. Soapy, boobs, butt and belly, sliding over you.
  • Soapy Sex Massage – Finish off your soapy Amsterdam massage experience with full penetration.
  • Soapy Four Hand Massage – Why choose one soapy masseuse when you can have two? Twice the bubbles are twice the fun.
  • Soapy Sensual Massage – Enjoy the smooth touch of your Soapy Massage girl as she gently rubs away your stresses and strain — a frictionless experience, with nothing between you but soft sensual bubbles.
  • Soapy Shower Massage – Getting clean has never been more erotic. Your Amsterdam massage girl will soap you up the shower, press you against the wall like your prisoner and pressing her body against your wash your sins away.

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