Erotic Amsterdam Massage

Amsterdam Erotic Massage

Climax Massages provides erotic Amsterdam Massages to hotels both in the city and other major Dutch towns. Traditionally getting an Amsterdam erotic massage meant clients needing to go to a massage company. At Climax Massages, we have distilled the key ingredients of an excellent erotic massage down to its essential components. This has allowed us to provide the same erotic massage experience in the privacy of your hotel room. We have also adapted all our massages to come standard with the ever-important happy ending. As a result, all our clients are left feeling completely satisfied with the outcome.

Our Amsterdam Masseuses

We have the top masseuses in Amsterdam. Our girls specialize in delivering the finest erotic massage experiences and will ensure that you are completed satisfied at the end. They will focus on you and your bodies responses so you can lay back and relax confident you will get your happy ending.

We have lovely ladies from around the globe, all beautiful and talented. Browse through our masseuse gallery to find a girl that tickles your fancy. All our therapists offer the full spectrum of erotic massages we offer. However, we have petit girls who specialize in the full body-2-body massages and more curvy masseuses where bigger boobs are preferred.

If you have any special requirements, please mention them when you select your masseuse. This is so that she can arrive 100% prepared to satisfy your needs or so that we may suggest your perfect massage partner. Our gallery awaits.

Erotic Massage Amsterdam

If you want to know more about the term Erotic Massage Amsterdam then read below. We have listed a number of the most popular erotic massages in Amsterdam with a brief description.


Originally from Japan, the Nuru massage is a popular choice with clients who want an intense full-body experience. A specialist masseuse can only perform this erotic massage. Using Nuru massage gel, your masseuse will cover your bodies with this sensual oil then lay down on top of you.

She will use her breasts, stomach, buttocks, arms, and hands to massage you, starting slowly and gaining intensity. A Nuru massage is a full body experience in which your and your masseuses’ body will connect completely. Imagine the intense sensation of a beautiful body rubbing and gliding over yours. You lie back, relax, and let the experience wash away any worries you may have.

Amsterdam Nuru massage both relaxes you as there is no pressure on the receiver to do anything but relax and end in the ultimate climax. A happy ending born from intense relaxation and prolonged arousal.


Amsterdam Tantra massage is focused on manipulating and releasing energy in your body, and orgasm is a common by-product. Your masseuse will massage your whole body with a significant focus on your erogenous areas. This will help you to relax overall before you release built-up tension.

This erotic massage blurs the lines between mental and physical awareness as you cannot help surrendering yourself completely during the experience. As you receive your massage, you are liberated from body stress and mental strain. We carry a great deal of tension when we are frustrated, and a tantra massage is designed to relieve that through physical release.

Experience the new sensations your body is capable off as you focus on each touch and stroke. A Tantra massage will leave feeling more present, relaxed yet focused than before — an excellent option for the businessman that needs to destress in preparation for important meetings.


A 4-hand massage is perfect if you want to be touch all over at once. Four hands are so much more than two, and each masseuse will provide a unique feel and technique. Also, two beautiful women give you twice as much to look at while enjoying your sensual and erotic massage.

Our masseuses enjoy working together to assist you in finding total relaxation. Enjoy having your neck and shoulders rubbed by one while the other focuses on your weary feet. All the while, they will move closer and closer to your erogenous zones until they meet to release your sexual build up together.

Alternatively, experience climax while being massaged at the same time. A mind-blowing blend of sensual sensations all working together for your enjoyment. All our lovely masseuses offer the four-hand massage, which means you may select any beautiful girls from our gallery.


For the gentleman seeking an even more intimate encounter, we offer the sex massage. As the name implies, intercourse is being provided as part of the massage, thereby combining the absolute best of two activities.

Your masseuse will start by giving you a sensual massage to help you relax. She will rub away the day’s stresses before stimulating you for sex, which replaces the standard happy ending of our regular massage services.

A Sex massage thoroughly relaxes you so that you can enjoy your intimate encounter distraction free. Satisfy all your bodies needs with this erotic massage to loosen tired muscles and clear foggy minds and full penetration release. It is Let someone else do the work for a change, while you luxuriate in the pleasurable sensations of touching and being touched. Enjoy everything your beautiful masseuse has to offer from her talented hands to her capable hips.

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Performed naked, a body-2-body massage is an ultimate skin on skin experience. The intense sensation of being touched everywhere at once will erase any distracting thoughts you may have. The only thing you will be focused on is the feeling of your masseuses’ body against yours.

Her whole body is rubbed against yours, and the experience is incredibly energizing as she transfers heat and sensuality to you. This massage is best performed slowly while you give yourself over to the intimate sensation of oneness that a body-2-body massage achieves.

A deeper connection with another body is challenging to achieve in any other way. This makes it an excellent option if you are traveling alone. Experience the feeling of wellbeing that results from sharing such closeness with another is a favorite with many of our girls who enjoy seeing the therapeutic benefits of this massage.


Todays TOP Erotic Masseuses

Everyday we choose the top masseuses who are providing the best erotic massages in Amsterdam. If you are not sure which girl to book then we highly recommend booking one of our top pickings, you just can’t go wrong.

Sensual Massages Amsterdam with Holly


When you need the touch of a hot-blooded woman, an erotic massage in Amsterdam with Holly is what you are after. Holly can only be described as hot. Her body is perfectly toned with curves in all the right places.

Couples Massage in Amsterdam by Verona


Verona is the fantasy of every man looking for an erotic massage in Amsterdam. She is a hot and talented sensual massage girl. Her body is curvaceous, and her smile lights up a room, but it is her sensual nature that will capture your attention.

Debbie Erotic Massage in Amsterdam


You do not want to miss an erotic massage encounter with Debbie. This Amsterdam masseuse is hot, hot, hot, and incredibly talented with her hands.

Tantra Massages Amsterdam


Margrett is an exciting erotic masseuse who has an air of mystery about her. Margrett is one of our most popular masseuses in Amsterdam and specializes in intimate Nuru massage.

See more of your stunning erotic massage experts

Best Naked Massages in Amsterdam

When it comes to erotic massages in Amsterdam, the naked massage is one of the most popular. Our nude massages are world famous and highly recommended. For the pinnacle in erotic pleasure, pick up the phone and book your massage.

Best Erotic Massage Agency in Amsterdam

We have established ourselves as one of Amsterdam’s most popular erotic massage service providers. Through our commitment to excellent service, we continuously strive to deliver only the best in sensual massages. Our massage girls are all professionally trained in the therapeutic and sensual arts therefor satisfying our clients needs each time.

Our erotic massage services are supported by a team who are focused on your enjoyment. Consequently, your experience with our massage agency is guaranteed to be smooth and enjoyable. From your initial booking, your masseuse will be brought to your hotel, she will provide all the required equipment and will arrive and leave discreetly. Privacy and discretion is guaranteed, and your masseuse will blend perfectly as a guest of the hotel.

With us everything you need to know will be finalized up front, leaving no unpleasant surprises to interfere with your encounter. Select from our specially trained and beautiful massage girls for an unsurpassable erotic massage experience.

Happy Endings

All our massages are happy-ending massages, which means you are always left satisfied when complete.

Taxi Included

No additional costs regarding the transportation of your masseuse to and from your location.

Best Prices

Fantastic massage prices and competitive rates. We offer the best value for money in Amsterdam.

Our Amsterdam Massage Services

All our massages are conducted in the comfort of your hotel room or residence. All include a happy ending or orgasm and are done on your bed. This helps to ensure discretion as your masseuse will not be seen carrying equipment such as a massage table.

We know that traveling can be stressful, tiring and isolating, which is another reason why our services are so popular. However, we do not rely on this but instead stake our reputation on excellence, and we know you will enjoy receiving our erotic Amsterdam massage services.

We have several erotic massages from which to choose. catering for all our client’s needs. Additional services are available on request, such as sexual encounters. Please inquire at the time of booking if you are looking for something unique. Our most popular massage includes Tantra Massage, Nuru Massage, 4-Hand Massage, Sex Massage, and Body-2-Body massages.

Erotic Massage Prices

Take a look at our erotic massage packages. If you are looking for value for money then you have come to the right place.

Erotic Massage

160 Hourly
  • Happy Ending
  • Naked Masseuse
  • Taxi Included

Erotic Massage

210 Hourly
  • Full Service
  • Sex Included
  • Taxi Included

Erotic Massage

320 Hourly
  • Happy Ending
  • 2 x Masseuses
  • Taxi Included

Hotel Massage Service -Late Night Delivery

Our late-night hotel massage service is perfect for the businessman who is looking for some erotic massage pleasure in the comfort of his hotel room., especially after a hard days work. Sit back relax and allow our beautiful masseuses to massage all your stress away.

Amsterdam Hotel Massage Service

Convenience delivered to your hotel. Your masseuse will come to your hotel on time and appropriately dressed with everything required for the encounter. Our girls are elegant and carry themselves with poise, which allows them to provide a discreet service to you.

For you to enjoy the experience fully, we suggest a warm shower or bath to start the relaxation process before your masseuse’s arrival. Select some music of your choice and have drinks available for you both.

Your masseuse will arrive and remove your, and her clothing as our massages are conducted naked. This encourages intimacy and allows you to relax into the experience. Your masseuse can perform the massage in beautiful lingerie; however, massages such as the oil massage require full-body contact. Therefore, it is better done naked as there are no hooks or clips to interfere with the silky sensations.

At the end of the massage, she will dress, thank you and depart unless you have requested to extend the encounter. If this is the case, you will move onto the next sensual activity.

Popular Amsterdam Erotic Massages

These are some of our most popular Amsterdam Erotic Massages on offer. We have many more massages that are performed by our lovely masseuses. Browser through our massages services and find the massage that most suites your needs.

Couples Massage in Amsterdam

Couples Erotic Massage

Couples Erotic Massage Amsterdam A sensual couples massage in Amsterdam is perfect for partners who need to add a bit of sexy spice to the bedroom. Or those who want

Thai Massage Amsterdam

Thai Massage Amsterdam

If you are searching for Thai Massage in Amsterdam, then search no further. Climax Massage Agency offers the best Erotic Thai Massages in Amsterdam with a happy ending. We use

Amsterdam Sex Massage

Sensual Amsterdam Massage

Erotic Sensual Amsterdam Massage An erotic Sensual Amsterdam Massage is a great way to start your trip to this sexy city. A way to relax and let go of all

Erotic Nuru Amsterdam Massage

Nuru Massage Amsterdam

Nuru massage has become more mainstream; this delicious massage has grown in popularity. It creates oneness and is the ultimate relaxing massage one can experience. There is no room for

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Massage QuestionS

These are the most commonly asked questions regarding our erotic massage services.

Sex Massage AmsterdamDo all massages come with a Happy Ending?

Yes, because we are an erotic massage service by default all massages come standard with a happy ending. It should be noted that happy endings are not compulsory if clients do not want them.

Can I have sex with a masseuse who is giving an erotic massage?

Yes, and No, most masseuses do provide sex as an additional service, but this comes at an additional cost. Of course, if you already know that you will want sex and can order the Sex Massage from the outset.

Are masseuses naked when giving an erotic massage?

Yes, one of the main functions of an erotic massage is to be sexually stimulating, and there is nothing better than watching a naked girl giving you an erotic massage.

Do I need to provide anything when ordering an erotic massage?

No, when ordering one of our erotic massage services, the masseuses will bring everything they need to perform their job.

Can I order an erotic massage to my hotel room?

Yes, our Hotel Massage Service in Amsterdam is one of our most popular services. Please Note: hotels allow guests and our girls will visit you as a guest when providing your erotic massage.

Can I have two girls massaging me at once?

Yes, we offer the Four Hand Massage, which is two girls performing an erotic massage at the same time. 

How do I pay for your erotic massage services?

You can pay with cash or credit card. We do, however recommend paying with cash as paying with a credit card or foreign currencies do come with a small surge charge.