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Prostate Amsterdam Massage

A prostate massage is an unrivaled experience which can only be delivered by a trained masseuse. The p-spot is thought to be the equivalent to a woman’s g-spot and offers the same intense, overwhelming climax to a man. This is a release like you have never felt before.

During the Amsterdam prostate massage, your masseuse will stimulate your genitals, penis, testicles, and anus. She will gently locate your prostate and then slowly stimulate it, letting the waves of pleasure slowly build up. The sensation has been described as an all-body orgasm that builds in waves of pleasure until the final release, which you feel from top to toe.

The experience is intimate and for some overwhelming. Our beautiful masseuses are professionals and create an environment where you can experience this magical release in relaxation and comfort. Let one of our sexy girls introduce you to a whole new level of sensual massage pleasure.

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Many have heard about the prostate massage but few have tried it. if you are looking for a massage experience which is unlike any other then we highly recommend trying our Amsterdam prostate massage.

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The prostate massage is one of the most difficult massages to find trained masseuses for. These are some of our girls who offer the prostate erotic massage service.

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