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Nuru Massage

Nuru massage has become more mainstream; this delicious massage has grown in popularity. It creates oneness and is the ultimate relaxing massage one can experience. There is no room for distractions when you receive an Amsterdam Nuru massage. So immersive that the world outside will disappear.

The Nuru massage is a full skin on skin experience. Your masseuse uses a special gel to create a silky-smooth experience. She will cover you both in Nuru gel, then start by using her breasts and tummy to rub against your body gently. The closeness is intense. With a beautiful woman lying on top of you, you are expected to simply take in the sensations. She will rub herself over your entire body, leaving you with a sense of utter well-being and relaxation.

The Nuru massage is incredibly arousing, and you are encouraged to let the sensations overtake you. When you can take no more, your masseuse will complete the experience with the erotic release.

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